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3 Things the most resilient people do every day

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Self Improvement

Do you struggle getting into a good routine? Do you forget to do the things you need to ? and then half way through your day realize that you were supposed to do something?

Struggling with ADHD all of my life it was a major struggle for me , and once I had my kids and my hormones went crazy it was even harder! Here are 3 of the things I started doing every morning that has changed my life!

  1. Before you do ANYTHING! and I repeat ANYTHING , DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR PHONE>>> this means you ! lol

DRINK A FULL GLASS OF WATER and honestly take some vitamins! Be sure to discuss beforehand with your doctor if the vitamins you have chosen are right for you. There is a lot of science behind the studies that most people with ADHD have a deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals , I will link below of what I have found works amazing for me, but at the end of the day you need to take what's best for you ! and sometimes trail and error are the way to discover that ! I have tried many supplements before landing on this one for myself! (I just order that shit on amazon and il post the link below)

2. MEDITATE!!! I know ,, this sounds so hippy dippy or so people have said to me , however giving yourself at least 15 minutes in the morning to yourself of quiet reflection is good for you ! I never used to think it was worth it because we have this notion engrained into us that we need to get out of bed and instantly start working! however I have found that if you give yourself some time to really focus on yourself and what you want to get done each day , I mean like you need to envision yourself getting everything done! It will legit change your life. I know it has changed mine and I can never go back now. Even if it means having to get up earlier then my kids just so I have that quiet time with zero distractions ! I feel prepared for the world! If you don't know how to get started doing this do not feel bad neither did I when I started out , I can link some great teachers and there is always Youtube as well as a show on Netflix! JUST DO IT! you can thank me later .. lol - this is a manifestation meditation , I loved it , really helped me to start getting into the right head space to receive ! I will also post a book of just plain meditations that I got off amazon!

3. Now this one , if you have ADHD I know you are going to understand what I'm saying , you probably have at least one daytimer and you love the thought of it but always forget to use it !! I myself have THREE!! but once I started working it into my daily routine it has helped me so much !! I am able to plan out my day and organize my time and I also set a timer on my phone which stops me from being hyper-focused on just one thing (more on that later) Choosing a scheduler is a very personal thing , you have to really know what your looking for ! but I have tried quite a few so I will post my faves below !

The Clever Fox planner is my fave without breaking the bank ! I order it off amazon because as you all know they control my life.. lol and it has everything you need for only $40 bucks ! and its also hella cute FYI

Now listen I know in the beginning of adding anything new to your daily habits its daunting, but I promise if you can commit to 30 days you will see a HUGE difference ! what's 30 days ? Just give it a try and then come back here and let me know how your life has changed ! I can't wait to hear!

love you guys!


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