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What is it?

We are a collective of like minded entrepreneurs and business owners  in the Edmonton area who want to build cross promotional partnerships, network , gain referrals, give back to the community and be the best we can be... 

When is it?

Instead of the usual once a week rushed meeting that we are used to with most business networking groups, we host monthly events where you will have an evening of food, laughter, real conversations and education to help you build strong connections with your fellow hive minded business owners.

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Where is it?

 Each month one of our collective will have the opportunity to host the event in their shop/business and give everyone an up close and personal deep dive into  what their business is all about ! 

How do you join?

Message us and see if we have a spot available for your niche and if we do ...


Boom !  YOUR IN!

Welcome to the Hive... 

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